how it works

Our primary care clinicians treat all the conditions usually treated by a GP

How does it work?

Consult with an NHS clinician online anytime and from anywhere you’re comfortable. No travel needed.

How do I get my prescription?

Your prescription will be sent online to an NHS pharmacy of your choice, within one hour of your consultation.

Step 1

Choose whether you want to receive a phone call, written advice or a video consult.

Step 2

Complete a short questionnaire telling us about your symptoms.

Step 3

Select a health professional, a convenient time slot and book your consultation.

Safe, secure and verified by the NHS

Free and easy to use

Choose from a video, telephone or written consult

Get prescriptions delivered to a pharmacy of your choice


How do I join Virtually?

We are an NHS GP practice so to register you’ll need to switch from your current GP. Once you register we’ll have to verfiy your identity before you can book a consultation.

NHS Prescriptions

NHS prescriptions will be sent to the nominated NHS pharmacy of your choice within 30 minutes of completing your consultation. Please add the name and postcode of your chosen pharmacy to your account details when you book your consultation.

Like all NHS prescriptions, unless you are exempt, you will need to pay the standard NHS prescription charge to your chemist.

Certain medication or brands may not be available on the NHS. If this medication is clinically appropriate your clinician will offer a private prescription.

Blood tests, x-rays and scans

We can arrange blood tests, x-rays and scans and other tests on the NHS at a facility near your home or any other NHS hospital of your choice.

Blood tests



Referral to an NHS or private specialist

If your clinician recommends a referral to a specialist, we will arrange an appointment at an NHS hospital of your choice and upload the appointment letter to your documents on the platform.

If you are concerned that you have a symptom of cancer, please ask the clinician you see to arrange an urgent 2 week wait referral. Your symptoms and clinical presentation must meet the criteria set out by NICE in their Suspected Cancer guidelines

If you are covered by health insurance or you want to be seen by a private specialist, please ask the clinician you see to make a private referral.


How does it work when things can’t be done digitally?

Sometimes we may need to see you in person. For example for vaccinations, smear tests or simply to feel or check something physical. If we need to see you in person we’ll ask you to book an in-person appointment by calling or emailing our patient support team.

How long are the appointments?

Like most GPs each appointment slot is scheduled for 10 minutes, however depending on the nature of your condition or symptoms the conversation may be shorter or longer. Our clinicians will use their clinical judgement to assess patients on a case by case basis to determine if you need further advice and care or if your concern can be dealt with during a single slot. You may be encouraged to book an immediate follow up if additional time is needed.

Can I see you face to face?

For some conditions we may request to see you in person at our clinic. You are always welcome to book a face-to-face appointment with our team if you wish, however you may have to wait slightly longer for in-person appointments than you do for digital appointments.

Types of consultations we offer

We offer written, telephone and video consultations with a range of male and female clinicians from GPs, nurse practitioners, and primary care specialists such as physiotherapy.