What we do

Online and in-person NHS GP Practice

Virtually is an NHS GP Practice providing all the care and treatment you would expect from an NHS GP.

GP Services at Virtually Healthcare

You will receive most of your care online through video consultation and messaging your Virtually clinicians. Should you need to see a GP in-person this will be arranged at our GP surgery in North London or, if appropriate, at one of the many NHS GP urgent care centres around London.

Your prescriptions will be sent to a local pharmacy of your choice. If you need to have blood tests or other investigations these will be arranged at your local NHS hospital or a hospital of your choice.

If you need to see a specialist your Virtually GP will refer you to your choice of NHS or private hospital. All Virtually services are free of charge provided to you on the NHS.

Evidence-based medicine

All our clinicians are registered with a UK health regulator such as the General Medical Council for doctors and the Nursing and Midwifery Council for nurses.

We practice evidence-based medicine so that any treatments or other clinical recommendations we make will be shown to be effective and safe in trials.


Your NHS prescription will be sent to a pharmacy near you and any tests or specialist referrals your need will be arranged at a hospital near you or of your choice

Specialist Services

Diet and Weight Loss

Our weight loss service is run by a multi-professional team of dietitians, doctors, nurses and social prescribers who will give you personalised care and advice.

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Consult our NHS team of dermatologists for free advice and treatment for your skin conditions.

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Contraception and family planning

Consult our team of trained family planning clinicians for advice and prescriptions.

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Mental Health

Our trained mental health advisors will talk to you, assess your symptoms and sign-post you to the service most appropriate for your concern.

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Get advice from one of our physiotherapists working in a multi-professional team for relief of your back, shoulder, knee or neck pain.

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Sexual Health

Our sexual health service is run by trained sexual health and family planning clinicians. They will speak with you, assess your sexual health concern and arrange appropriate tests.

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Types of consultations we offer

We offer written, telephone and video consultations with a range of male and female clinicians from GPs, nurse practitioners, and primary care specialists such as physiotherapy.