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Virtually Healthcare is a cutting-edge GP practice providing comprehensive primary healthcare. The high-quality telemedicine service is readily available online or on the phone. In-person appointments are also available for patients who prefer a face-to-face consultation or for anyone that needs examination, tests or investigations.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is an innovative way of providing healthcare. The NHS defines telemedicine as:

‘The use of telecommunication and information technology for the purpose of providing remote health assessments and therapeutic interventions. This could include video or voice messaging services on mobile phones, computers and tablets.’1

In many ways, telemedicine is nothing new; telephone consultations have been used for over a century. Remote video consultations between healthcare professionals and patients were trialled in the sixties. However, widespread access to devices, better broadband speeds and the COVID pandemic have increased the importance of telemedicine consultations.23

Telemedicine can allow you to access healthcare in the safety of your home at your convenience.

Telemedicine at Virtually Healthcare

Virtually Healthcare is a ground-breaking GP practice, providing expert care in the comfort and privacy of your home. The Virtually Healthcare service is designed to fit in with your life. You can access consultations easily with telemedicine appointments available seven days a week.

The highly skilled team includes more than 40 clinicians working together to investigate and treat disease and help you optimise your health and wellbeing. As well as experienced GPs, the team includes sexual health specialists, physiotherapists and practice nurses to offer a comprehensive primary care service.

During the pandemic, many patients are finding it more challenging to access healthcare. Virtually Healthcare provides rapid access video or telephone appointments, with consultations available the same day if you contact us before 3 pm. Our clinicians can provide professional assessment and advice, arrange investigations, prescribe treatment or arrange for a face-to-face review.

At Virtually Healthcare, our focus is on you. Our clinicians take a holistic approach to care. Whether you want contraception, assessment of symptoms, physiotherapy or support on managing a chronic condition, our dedicated team can provide expert advice and treatment.

Telemedicine services at Virtually Healthcare

Virtually Healthcare provides a wide range of telemedicine services:

  • GP Practice
    Virtually Healthcare’s GP Service is free on the NHS and easy to use. You can access a telemedicine consultation wherever you are. There is a choice of video, telephone or written appointments. Our digital GP practice can address all your physical and mental health concerns.Prescriptions are sent to a local pharmacy of your choice. The clinician can arrange an in-person review, investigations, or referrals to a nearby NHS hospital whenever necessary.
  • Online contraception and family planning clinic
    The specialist family planning GPs at Virtually Healthcare provide a comprehensive range of contraceptive services. Consultations can be online, on the phone or written. Your doctor will listen to your lifestyle, preferences, and any pregnancy plans before suggesting your options. Any prescription will be sent to a pharmacy that’s convenient for you.
  • Physiotherapy Clinic
    If you’ve had an injury or suffer from neck, back, or joint pain, you can benefit from support and treatment from Virtually Healthcare’s expert physiotherapists. Treatment can be online, on the phone or in-person. The physiotherapist can provide assessment, advice and exercises to reduce pain and improve mobility.
  • Online sexual health clinic
    Virtually Healthcare provides discreet sexual health screening in the privacy of your own home. Our sexual health doctors offer remote consultations on the phone, in writing or by video link. They can arrange for tests to be sent directly to you to take samples and send them off for expert analysis.
  • Telemedicine diet and weight loss clinic
    Virtually Healthcare can support healthy weight loss. Our clinicians take a holistic approach to weight loss. They can provide advice, follow NICE best-practice treatment guidelines and connect you with groups in your area that will help you with leading a healthier lifestyle.
  • Online dermatology clinic
    Virtually Healthcare dermatology clinic is run by GPs with a particular interest in skin conditions and a consultant dermatologist. You can speak with our GP, upload photographs of your skin and have a video examination. If medication is recommended, your doctor will send your NHS prescription to a pharmacy of your choice.
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine?

Telemedicine offers several benefits for patients. It can be used to assess and treat a range of medical conditions.

  • Convenient and cost-effective: The convenience of telemedicine means you don’t need to travel, take time off work, or arrange childcare for your consultation.
  • Easy to access: You can have a consultation in your own home, making it easy for people with disabilities, impaired mobility, or living in isolated locations to access care.
  • Preventive care: Preventive care can protect against chronic conditions and improve your long-term health. 4Virtually Healthcare provides a diet and weight loss clinic and online GP services to identify problems, monitor your health and help safeguard your future.
  • Infection protection: Going to the surgery can increase your exposure to unwell people. Telemedicine reduces the risk of picking up or spreading an infection, which has been particularly important during the coronavirus pandemic.5
  • Privacy: Many patients can feel nervous about accessing care for sensitive issues, including contraception or sexual health screening. Telemedicine consultations take place in the privacy of your own home.

However, telemedicine does not suit everyone or every situation, which is why Virtually Healthcare also offers face-to-face appointments, investigations and reviews. Perceived disadvantages include:

  • Data protection: Many patients are worried that hackers and criminals could access their medical data. Virtually Healthcare takes your privacy seriously and carefully follows all GDPR guidelines.
  • Care delays: If you need emergency treatment, telemedicine may delay treatment because your doctor will be unable to take tests, check your vital signs or perform life-saving care6. Our highly skilled staff will identify if you need emergency care and recommend an ambulance to your nearest accident and emergency department.
  • The human touch: Sometimes, things can’t be done digitally. We may need to see you for blood tests, examinations, smear tests or vaccinations. That’s why Virtually Healthcare offers both telemedicine and in-person appointments.
  • Hidden signs: Telemedicine is dependent on getting an accurate history from the patient. If critical details are missed, it can be challenging to make an accurate diagnosis. Face-to-face appointments can make it easier to see that a patient is in pain, is worried about something that they haven’t mentioned, or has physical signs. The clinicians at Virtually Healthcare are skilled in questioning patients and drawing out information; they will arrange an in-person appointment if they are concerned.

Types of consultations we offer

We offer written, telephone and video consultations with a range of male and female clinicians from GPs, nurse practitioners, and primary care specialists such as physiotherapy.